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Accent Marks on Diploma Name

To use accent marks for your name on your diploma(s), you may use the marks listed below. Hold down the Alt key and type the code list next to the character you would like to add.

chart 1 allowable: A umlaut, A ring, AE dipthong, C cedilla, E acute, N tilde, O umlaut, U umlaut, a grave, a acute, a circumflex, a umlaut, a ring, ae dipthong, c cedilla, e grave, e acute           Chart 2 allowable: e acute, e circumflex, e umlaut, i grave, i acute, i circumflex, i umlaut, n tilde, o grave, o acute, o circumflex, o umlaut, u grave, u acute, u circumflex, u umlaut, y umlaut

Last Updated: 11/18/2015
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